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Sunday, 24 May 2015

How To Make WWC (Wind, Wave and Current) Broadcast

You get to the line, you're all ready. You have your course map, your Trapnav or navigation HUD and your boat, now all you need is the wind. OK how do i get the wind?

Well it is not to difficult as RD's do it constantly but if you are new to sailing it can be confusing. Well no more.

Important: Make sure that no one is actually using race area before changing anything in the green buoy . Most RD's should lock it but just be sure.

Most race lines today have a green buoy. That green buoy is also a Windsetter. Meaning it has the capabilities to be set-up to broadcast the wwc winds. So once near the green buoy, you can left click it to touch it and it will give you in chat this...
You have 60 seconds from the time you touch the green buoy to enter a command. If you go over 60 seconds then you just need to touch it again.

Now if you already know the wind name, you can simply type it in with the word 'use' in front. You have to type the name exactly the way the notecard name is called. If you are not sure of the name spelling, another way is to right click and 'Edit' the green buoy, then go to the 'Content' tab and look in there for the notecard name. In this example I want 'SCR-NE01'. 

Now type 'use SCR-NE01' (Notice in this case all caps) then you know I have it right when you get in chat this..

If you typed instead 'use scr-ne01' then nothing would happen.
A few seconds then you will see the content that the notecard has all the wind settings for that wind.

Last thing we need to do now is to make the wind broadcast.
Type in the nearby chat 'race start' and when you get this...

You now have a broadcasting wind. Yay!!!!

Note: You will need to be inside the same sim that the windsetter is in to receive the broadcast. Once you have received it, you can leave the sim area.

Here is a video of it the above.

Yay for Sailing 

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