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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Preparing To Race Your Shields

How to get your Shields ready for wwc racing. Here are a few notes, pics to help as well as a video. 

1)  Setting ID
For the ID it is very simple. Just rezz your Shields, right click it, go to the 'General' tab. In the 'Name:' at the end click to have your curser after the boat name. in example 'Class v1.0a' version I just add my ID for my boat 123 at the end but put the '#' in front. So new name is now 'Shields Class v1.0a #123'

You can do that each time you race or just 'Take' it to your inventory so you can not have to do it again for racing.

2) Setup to receive wwc
To get wwc first there must be a wwc wind broadcasting. 
Sit in your boat then type in the nearby chat 'set wind' to get the Zephi dialogue window.
Click on 'Zephi Off' button, then wait for the window from the wwc broadcasting.
If you see a dialogue that has only OK don't click that one, just wait for the one that has 'Yes' and 'No'. That is the one from the wwc broadcast.  

Then once you click 'Yes' you see this.. "whispers: waiting for race parameters..." 
Just wait until it gets it, should not be long, be patient ;-) 
You will get prompted that you have subscribed to the race then your ready to go.

 Here is a video I did of the above info.

Any other questions or help information please contact me In world.

Ginger Henderson, 
Shields Class Racing event organiser in Second Life.

Yay for Sailing 

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