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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Basic Sailboat Rules - Rule 11: On The Same Tack, Overlapped

So you are racing along and you happen to be on Starboard tack. Now you learned Rule 10 and all is great but now you have 2 boats that are on starboard tack. Well there is a rule for when boats are overlapped and on same tack. Even if it is both on Port tack. Same thing. Leeward boat has the Right of Way over Windward boat. Leeward (Boat that is downwind compared to the other boat). Windward (Boat that is upwind from the other boat)

I will be using reference to for these rules.

Rule 11: On the Same Tack, Overlapped
When boats are on the same tack and overlapped, a windward boat shall keep clear of a leeward boat.

These situations illustrate 2 boats. Pink is downwind from Red so is Right of Way in here. So Red must keep clear of Pink.

This one they are coming from different direction so not as easy to see but still same rule.
Pink is the Right of Way boat and Red must keep clear of Pink.

So if you are in this situation and happen to be Leeward boat then if you can shout ‘Lee Up’ so the other boat is aware that you are right of way. But again I will repeat, Rule 14 avoiding contact still comes into play for all. even if you have right of way.

So what if boats are on the same tack then and boats or not overlapped?

We shall look at this next then

Yay for Sailing 

Use of Rules in Regular Sailboat Races

This is always a good idea to do it as a routine as most Cup, Championship races enforce rules so good to do them as much as possible in every day sailing especially in weekly races. Would be good to see all Race Directors apply this to some extent. As well for any new sailors to feel more comfortable to register for those big events with some knowledge of what to expect.

So I will be enforcing starting on Friday September 25th, rules for sailing in all my events. I will be referring to
as I find it is a good base for all and has training scenarios etc.

So will be listening for any Protest and after each race review these. As well will notify by shouting if you are Over Early or miss a mark or make a wrong turn on a mark. Up to you to correct the fault so to not get a disqualification.

But I do want to have all racers adhere to these guidelines in order to be as fair as possible.
  1. Senior racers be kind to junior sailors. After all we all once where junior either in SL or RL racing. Still do the call and in our Protest meeting after help explain why. This may be enough and then you can withdraw your protest :)
  2. Do shout the condition prior to shouting your Protest. Sometimes in SL we have sim crossing or broken cam or maybe a lot of lag but still nice for the sailor who is in an infraction to be aware ahead of time to try to use evading actions. So in case of starboard rights, shout STB or STABOARD first. And if action is taken to avoid an infraction then all is good. (there are free shout gesture tools available at my marina here inworld )
  3. Race Director may not be able to hear your Protest. Be fair. This can happen as when just 1 Race Director and many boats in different clusters far apart. This does not mean your Protest is not valid. But the 2 parties will need to explain the reason and be honest about it. Race Director may request chats of the shouting from both but this should not be necessary if the parties can come to a resolution. If not Race Director will make decision.
  4. Respect RD’s decisions. Maybe the Race Director saw something differently than you did as you were in the racing focused mode. Of course Race Directors can be wrong as well but as in all sport, the Race Directors (Referee, Judges etc)  responsibility is to be as fair to the rules as possible and to apply them when needed.
  5. Be a good example to others. If you know you broke the rule. Do a penalty. Don’t need to have someone shout. As well don’t use penalty as an excuse to interfere with others knowing you can just do a quick 360 to exonerate yourself. Do race fair and be considerate towards others as others will be towards you.

These are just the guidelines I could think about for now. Am sure there maybe others we could add.
As a note, once all Protests have been heard and decisions made, try to be positive. Some may take this as ‘ I am a bad sailor’ attitude and may feel embarrassed. Don’t be. As I stated above we all need sometimes reminders no matter what our status as a sailor is.

Best of all is to have fun