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Sunday, 17 January 2016


The creator of the Shields is at it again. Yes. Burt Artis has given us many of his excellent creations for us boat enthusiast and as if that was not enough has even made a way for us to compete 24/7.

Hotlaps are not a new concept but to travel from different location each week makes it that much more fun and challenging. New discoveries as it can happen that we will be sailing in areas where a race line may have never been rezzed before..
All the results are sent to a spreadsheet that you can compare your results to others or even see your own progress. Sail as many times as you want with the same boat or a different boat. No limits.

So each week from Saturday to Friday, Hotlaps are happening. By going to the landing point of the current hosting area you will see a blue buoy and on top the Hotlaps sign.

The '?' on it will give you all the tools you will need included in a notecard that explains the current Hotlaps and has in it a landmark, map. navigational helping tools such as PPS, USB and Trapnav as well as any information you need to get you started.
The purple oval with "Keep me informed" you can subscribe to get updates on Hotlaps information.

Another great thing about these is you don't need a boat ID. To race in nearly all races you need an ID so that your boat registers a time but with Hotlaps, the line only needs you on your boat. It will know you and your boat. (Make sure to have your main boat name not changed so that your ranking can be grouped with others with same boat. ie "Shields Class v 2.0 mk3 #126" (My Shields boat)  will go with "Shields Class" .
As well, you can have a crew on some boats and they will rank according to that boat class and have 'Crewed' at the end. So more can enjoy in your fun

So ready to start?
OK now a few basic things to do so it will work for you.

WWC boats: When you sit in your boat, you should get an invite to the wind. As long as you make your boat listen for wwc broadcasts. Make sure to have read your boat manual. The Windsetter will broadcast the wind that is in the notecard for the location. Accept it and you now have Hotlaps wind.
Bandit and TMS bwind boats: Windsetter also broadcasts for these bwind boats. You will need to say in local chat 'racing' for it to get the wind.
Other bwind boats: Any other bwind boats that you can change the wind and direction simply use the wind that is for the hosting Hotlaps by manually changing it.

Now once you have wind, you will need to click on the Hotlaps sign so that the line will recognise you. You should get a message that you can begin "you can start your hotlap". Then once you get going and cross the line it will say "Gooo".

NOTE: Clicking and holding the Hotlaps sign for 1 second and then letting go of it will log you out without logging your time ( in case you crash need to go RL or have a disaster run )

When finishing by crossing the line, you should get "you completed your hotlap in:(Your time)" and get the link to the results. If you are the fastest in your boat class (or the first time the boat class has been sailed) you will get a dialog for you to 'Confirm'. Once you confirm then you will see your time in the chat as well the person you beat will get an IM.

And that is it. You sailed in the Hotlaps.

Video 'All About Hotlaps' explains most of what is above but more detailed...

Now for all you statistic fanatics here some links to Hotlaps
Results Page of Current Running Hotlaps:

Historical Hotlaps Results:

Hotlaps Statistics (Live):

Hotlaps Website:

Any questions regarding Hotlaps can be asked by sending IM to any of the Hotlaps staff GingerHenderson, Burt Artis, Daenerys (blondij), Sunny(sunnysin Clary), Lucy (LucyInTheSky Afarensis),  August (Augwest101 Werefox), Iteke, LooraliePhil fr(PhilOona), Sandie HarbourFanny Clement or sᴇʀᴇɴᴀ (serenalush) Inworld.
As well as if anyone would consider hosting a future Hotlaps do let us know.

Happy Hotlapping