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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Hotlapper of The Week - Mike - Isilme Dae (justMike247)

This week I had the pleasure to interview Mike who has sailed in over 250 Hotlaps just recently. Congratulations :)

We love that you are hotlapping with us!

Ginger Henderson: How did your interest with sailing in Second Life begin?
Isilme Dae aka Mike (justMike247): Now there's a question. Ummmm I think I'd been in SL for two or maybe three weeks when a friend asked if I fancied sailing; I'd no idea you could do that. One visit to Trudeau Boatyard and that was it, lust at first sight, I just had to have the NY30. I've been on the slippery slope ever since.

Ginger: We seen you sail in many Hotlaps. What do you enjoy about them?
Mike: Hotlaps has a unique combination of things that are appealing; you're sailing against different classes of boats at times that suit You, rather than having a fixed start time. If you mess up, no worries; just re-cue the start line and try again, and again, and again. Try to push yourself as hard as you can, at first, then see how you're doing against others in the same boat, then others in similar boats. It's as competitive as you want it to be, and you compete whenever you feel like it.

Ginger: Do you have any changes you would like to see with Hotlaps?
Mike: I think the format as it stands is really good as is; the extra spicy option was one that I enjoyed exploring. I understand that there's a data capture issue with logging a time stamp on each completed lap, but if that could be resolved, it would help when analysing your results.

Ginger: What time-zone in Real Life are you from?
Mike: I'm in North East Scotland; Greenwich Mean Time

Ginger: Do you sail in Real Life as well? (But we understand if you say 'none of your business' ;))
Mike: Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to sail since I was in the Scouts, more moons ago than I care to count. Beautiful day, flat calm, not a breath of wind... typical. Rowing a twenty ft boat over fourteen miles was anything but fun.

Ginger: What are your top 3 favorite sailboats in Second Life?
Mike: That would have to be my grand old ladies;- Trudeau 12m, Trudeau NY30, Trudeau FJ

Ginger: We seen you sailing mostly the Trudeau 12M.  Been sailing this boat for long?
Mike: Ever have one of those moments in life where time just slows wayyyyyyyyy down, where your eye catches every minute detail in an object? That's what happened to me the first time I saw the 12m on the hard. "Coming Soon", the sign said. Sixty hours never passed so slowly. I've been sailing her pretty much exclusively ever since.

Ginger: Besides Hotlaps, do you practice with sailing a lot?
Mike: I'm lucky; I've access to an awesome course at my home sim in Gulls Wing. I enjoy cranking the wind up as I as I dare when sailing solo, then pushing the boat around two laps. The course has enough diversity to test the boat on just about every point of sail, but it was laid out with smaller boats in mind, which makes it quite a challenge for the 12m. It punishes errors in handling, as it should, rewards you when you make a turn around a mark just right; it's a real good feeling when you can put two real good laps together.

Ginger: When sailing, do you use any tools or settings to help you you may want to share with others? Things such as your preferred AWA on different headings and tactical choices on this week's course like where to start from, where to tack etc?
Mike: Up until I started with Hotlaps, all I'd ever really used for navigation was either Trapnav or the DS Cruiser HUD. I've since changed to using the USB HUD which, from a solo sailor perspective, is far more user friendly. Other than that, all I use is the HUD for the boat, and a wee sonar display that Peregreena gave me. With my addiction to deep, full keeled boats, knowing I have plenty water beneath the boat is essential.
From what I've seen to date, the 12m doesn't really have any preferred AWA; provided you're in a band between say 27deg off the bow, round to about 170ish, she'll pull pretty steadily if the wind is stiff enough. As for tactics on this weeks course, that's a tough question; Christine's set out quite the challenge this week. The 12m has a moderate amount of weather helm to her, which basically means that when sailing a leg between marks, the track she'll take is more of a gentle, sweeping curve than a straight line between the marks. The trick, if there is one, is laying her onto a course where all you'll need to do is sheet in occasionally to keep the boat accelerating, rather than having to bear away to avoid being in irons; not always easy with this week's course.

Ginger: What question would you like to ask other sailors out there?
Mike: Oh, obvious question;- how on earth do you guys make it look so easy????

Ginger: Any other things you would like to share with others?
Mike: I guess all that's important is that you enjoy your sailing, enjoy your boat; it's not about getting the best lap times, but about having a good time while you're sailing.

Ginger: Thank you very much for your time for this interview and looking forward to seeing you on the Second Life waters soon.  :)


  1. TY for your suggestion. we added the time stamp in the logs.

  2. Mike is so full of great ideas, love the timestamp :) .. Great post Ginger and Mike

  3. A fine interview, Mike, thanks. It WOULD be nice to have a time stamp so we could figure out not just the most favorable times to sail, but get glimmers about why we seem to sail relatively well yet more slowly than other of our top times.

  4. Mike is one of the friendliest and determined hotlappers out there. His spirit shines through in this interview. The Timestamp is great! Thanks so much!

  5. Burt, is the time stamp Dutch time? It's definitely not SLT ....

    1. Good point! the timestamp is now synced with SL time