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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Hotlapper of The Week - Alex (ramuf)

Alex is still new to sailing but I've seen him in a lot of Hotlaps and wanted to know about his passion for sailing :)

We love you are hotlapping with us!

Ginger Henderson: Your interest with sailing in Second Life, how did it begin?
Alex (ramuf): It was not long ago (Maybe 4 months ago). I was exploring SL, and I happen to land at a Yatch Club (Sorry I don't remember which one) that had the free Nemo. I thought it would be interesting to try sailing on SL so I got a free Nemo for myself.
Since then, I got addicted to sailing and never stopped.

Ginger: We seen you sail in many Hotlaps. What do you enjoy about them?
Alex: I love the other hotlappers and I love to be able to compete and practice whenever I want/can in a friendly way.
I like to sometimes just stand at the rez area, and watch how others sail. I've learned a lot just by watching the other great sailors.

Ginger: Any changes you would like to see with Hotlaps?
Alex: Burt won't like me, and I don't know if it's possible, but I would love to have some kind of split times at some strategical points or at the markers.
You could compare your split time with other sailors and understand where you are losing time to others.

Ginger: What time-zone in Real Life are you from?
Alex: I live in Portugal. GMT (SLT+8)

Ginger: Do you sail in Real Life as well? (But we understand if you say 'none of your business' ;))
Alex: I never sailed in RL but sailing in SL made me want to try it in RL. I'm taking sailing lessons in RL this summer.

Ginger: What are your top 3 favorite sailboats in Second Life?
Alex: I don't have many boats. I have the Nemo, the Shields, the Bandit 25R and the Bandit IF.

Ginger: We seen you sailing mostly the Bandit IF.  Been sailing this boat for long?
Alex: I started sailing the Bandit IF, 4 weeks ago. I sailed the Bandit 25R for the longest time, but I needed a boat that would be more challenging. That's when I got the stubborn IF :P

Ginger: Besides Hotlaps, do you practice with sailing a lot?
Alex: These last 3 weeks I have sailed a lot. Basically, it's all I do on SL and that's what keeps me logging in again and again. I do all the races that I can, and I have been practicing some specific courses for the F3 series.

Ginger: When sailing, do you use any tools or settings to help you you may want to share with others? Things such as your preferred AWA on different headings and tactical choices on this weeks course like where to start from, where to tack?
Alex: I use the most know tools available - USB, Burt's Compass and the minimap
I sail a lot by intuition. I don't look at AWA, I just keep my eyes on the sails and on the boat's speed.

Ginger: What question would you like to ask other sailors out there?
Alex: Red or white wine? :P

Ginger: Any other things you would like to share with others?
Alex: Just be nice to everybody and enjoy this world as much as you can.

Ginger: Thank you very much for your time for this interview and looking forward to seeing you on the Second Life waters soon.  :)


  1. White please :)
    Interesting suggestion about the times, the sailor that wants to log in between times would need to wear a hud in which we could load the USB note, and check every second if your close to a waypoint and send that info to a sheet, it will not be very precise.. will ponder if it is worth while persueing. Readers could let us know if there is more interest in such a function

  2. I wasn't thinking about wearing a HUD but some kind of line, like the start line, that would collect the time of an already logged boat and subtract the time from the previous collected time.
    Like you said, using the USB wouldn't be very precise and the script on an HUD, checking every second, would add to the lag.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Parabens pela entrevista:)
    Congrats:) and Hope to see you as well on cruises (Btw, missing you on those , Burt:))

  5. Parabens pela entrevista:)
    Congrats:) and Hope to see you as well on cruises (Btw, missing you on those , Burt:))

  6. Depending the weather and the food .. i'll have both and plenty of it :) ... Burt would multible lines commicating with each other be a possibility, and maybe no need to update the sheet, just shout out the time as we pass ? Another great one Ginger, thank you both for doing it :) - Nala

  7. We cannot rez lines everywhere (even if we could it would look aweful), most of the time we have to make due with the buoys that are already there for us to use, something the sailor wears is the only option i think