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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hotlapper of The Week - Bev (bevmiller)

I have known Bev since she joined my Shields races last year. Got her for an interview so here is the result :)

We love that you are hotlapping with us!

Ginger Henderson:  How did your interest with sailing in Second Life begin?
Bev (bevmiller): I saw people sailing and wondered how that worked. A search landed me at the Tradewinds Yacht Club where I found the Fizz. Soon after, I found the Nemo at the Nantucket Yacht Club and the Laser at The Mesh Shop. Early sightseeing was wonderful with these or, more relaxed, with a Bade Babe or Charlz Price.

Ginger: We seen you sail in many Hotlaps. What do you enjoy about them?
Bev: Beyond the fun sailing, I love meeting people and chatting with the other Hotlappers, seeing a new part of the world every week, and thinking about how the course layout, wind, and current affect the boat.

Ginger: Any changes you would like to see with Hotlaps?
Bev: The Hotlaps are wonderful the way they are.

Ginger: What part of the Real Life world are you from?
Bev: Southern California.

Ginger: Do you sail also in your Real Life as well?
Bev: I learned to sail as a child on Sunfish, dinghys, daysailers and Hobie Cats. I have sailed Shields in rl and simply love Burt's boat here in sl.

Ginger: What are your top 3 favourite sailboats in Second Life?
Bev: My favorite is the Shields, which is so pretty and handles so much like the real thing. Two further boats are the Laser and the Flying Shadow. I wish the Flying Shadow pointed upwind better, but love its speed on a reach.

Ginger: We've seen you sailing mostly the Shields, have you been sailing this boat for long?
Bev: I saw in a sailing group conversation that there were free Shields available and got one of the first.

Ginger: Besides Hotlaps, do you practice with sailing often?
Bev: Most races are too late in the day for me. Ginger had Shields races at 1PM where I learned so much about sl racing, like what is a mini-map? :) I love circumnavigating continents or trying new cruise routes, like the one from Corsica to the Triumphal Yacht Club that Ginger shared recently.

Ginger: When sailing, do you use any tools or settings to help you you may want to share with others?
Bev: For the Shields, sail smoothly, keep the speed up at all costs (it is hard to regain), and keep the sails trimmed at all times. Start far from the start line so that you can accelerate and start at the best possible speed. Do not sail too close to the wind immediately after tacking; bear off and accelerate first and then turn closer into the wind. Wing the jib when running, but avoid running directly downwind. Use the Shields Info HUD and see what Christine has to say about this boat in her interview.

Ginger: What question would you like to ask other sailors out there?
Bev: Why do those people stand around on the bottom? :)

Ginger: Is there anything else you would like to share with others?
Bev: Happy sailing :)

Ginger: Thank you very much for your time for this interview and looking forward to seeing you on the Second Life waters soon.  :)


  1. What a cunning smile you have in that picture :-)
    Ty for the interview you both always a pleasure to read them!

  2. :-))) Little late but i read it nice