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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hotlapper of The Week - Nala Kristina

Nala is a fellow blogger and a determined Hotlapper so needed to get an interview with her. :)

We love you are hotlapping with us!

Ginger Henderson: Your interest with sailing in Second Life, how did it begin?
Nala Kristina: I was about 1 week old in sl, when I met someone who took me sailing in her Bandit 60. I’m still not completely sure where we were on the grid, but I was sold and have not really looked back since. I feel lucky that I was introduced to sailing that early in my SL-

Ginger: We seen you sail in some Hotlaps. What do you enjoy about them?
Nala: I like that I can go race whenever I have 30 mins of spare time. At the same time I like to compete against the clock and myself, see if I can improve my time or find new ways to handle the boat I’m sailing.

Ginger: Any changes you would like to see with Hotlaps?
Nala: After we had the “Hud timer” I really can’t think of anything.

Ginger: What part of the Real Life world are you from?
Nala: I’m from Denmark so CET

Ginger: Do you sail also in your Real Life as well?
Nala: I sailed when I was younger. My parents owned a BB10 ( Keelboat ) and I was always sailing when I was growing up. Optimist, Laser, Tornado, but after moving away from home it’s not that often.

Ginger: What are your top 3 favourite sailboats in Second Life?
Nala: Nacra 17, OD65 and Flyin shadow are the ones I sail the most, but love cruising in any boat I can get my hands on.

Ginger: We've seen you sailing mostly the Nacra 17, have you been sailing this boat for long?
Nala: The Nacra was the one of the first boats I bought, it’s fairly easy to sail even as a noob, and yet even after hours and hours of sailing it I keep finding ways to improve speed. With a little help form the other hotlappers

Ginger: Besides Hotlaps, do you practice with sailing often?
Nala: I seem to spend most of my time on the water somehow, I like sailing so yes I do it a lot. I should start racing , and hope that I’ll get the nerve soon

Ginger: When sailing, do you use any tools or settings to help you you may want to share with others?
Nala: I use the USB, Burt’s Compass and my mini map a lot, the new timer is great too-

Ginger: What question would you like to ask other sailors out there?
Nala: Are we going to have that hotlapper party ?

Ginger: Is there anything else you would like to share with others?
Nala: I want to thank the other hotlappers for being who they are. When I showed up for my first lap ever, the first two people I ran into was Ginger and Burt and I felt welcome. The same goes for my fellow hotlappers, always ready to share tips and tricks.. More people like you in the world please.

Ginger: Thank you very much for your time for this interview and looking forward to seeing you on the Second Life waters soon.  :)


  1. Nice interview! Ty for taking the time. Also read your blog again :) good work!

  2. Wonderful interview! i have a little beach bar and marina in Tordangle called salt on the beach that has just opened!, your welcome to hold the hotlapper party here!! .....i love the idea of making our sailing sims part of a community and getting to know our neighbors. Thank you for sharing your experiences!