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Saturday, 3 September 2016

End of Hotlapper of The Week or maybe not?

I would like to thank all who I interviewed during the past 30 weeks for without you it would have never happened. Also thank you to all the readers who have I hope been pleased with all that our interviewees have contributed. And of course thank you Hotlaps Team for your continued support.

As with all good thing there is an end or limit  but want to let all know that if anyone wants to do an interview I will still do them but as a 'Hotlaps Interview with - Jane Doe' for example and will be publish once I have the data and time to blog it.
Simply IM me in-world or ask me if you see me around the Hotlaps line as well I may from time to time ask some  Just won't be Weekly.

 As well all the older 'Hotlapper of The Week' interviews will always remain available for any who want to learn from others.

Hugs and Happy Hotlapping to all